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Application Process
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Awards for Teaching Excellence in Computer Science Application Process

The 2016 applications are now closed.

All applications for the 2016 Awards for Teaching Excellence in Computer Science will be completed through an online form on X-CD (Pronounced Exceed).

To apply:

  • You must first create an account in the X-CD System
  • When your account information is completed, you can begin filling out the Awards application through X-CD
  • The entire application is completed in X-CD. Please attach all documents within the application as stated
  • When your application is successfully submitted, you should receive a prompt on the screen in X-CD and an email thanking you for you application

Application Elements

Each application should consist of:

  • An employment and eligibility verification letter (required)
  • Three (3) signed and dated recommendation letters endorsing the applicant (required)
  • A narrative application from the candidate (required)
  • Supplemental material (optional)
  • Applicant information form (optional)

Questions on the Application

In addition to providing general information, candidates are asked to answer the following questions:

  • Describe (in 4,000 characters or less) a Computer Science concept that is important for students to learn and understand. Discuss why this concept is fundamental for them to learn and how it relates to more complex concepts that students will encounter in subsequent settings (e.g., lessons, grades, courses, etc.). Describe misconceptions or misunderstandings that students typically have with regard to this concept and how you address them.
  • Describe, (in 4,000 characters or less) in general, your decision-making process when and how you utilize various instructioonal methods and strategies when teaching computer science concepts. Discuss the instructional methods and strategies you use to meet the learning needs of all students, challenging those with stronger knowledge while ensuring learning for those with less understanding.
  • Discuss (in 4,000 characters or less) specific ways that you routinely access and guide student learning of computer science concepts, including formative or summative techniques. Describe any creative or innovative approaches you have used to teaching CS or evaluating CS learning.
  • Discuss (in 4,000 characters or less) the more successful and less successful aspects of how you currently teach computer science concepts and what you might do differently to improve student learning. Describe one experience or activity where your participation improved your teaching and enhanced your students learning.
  • Describe (in 4,000 characters or less) how you have supported other teachers, student teachers or interns to learn more about CS. Provide an example of how you have been a change agent or advocate for CS education in your school or community. Describe how you would seek to serve as a role model for other teachers or actively advocate for K-12 CS education during your award year.

If you have any questions about the application process, please email

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