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NICERC Education Discovery Forum
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EDF Omaha
July 10-12, 2018

The Education Discovery Forum is a post-CSTA conference opportunity facilitated by the National Integrated Cyber Education Research Center (NICERC). This multi-day professional development will guide teachers and administrators through interactive projects and will feature NICERC’s cyber, computer science, and STEM: Explore, Discover, Apply (STEM EDA) curricula and resources.

Attendees select one of four content threads (Cyber Literacy, Cyber Literacy 2, Computer Science, or STEM EDA) and remain in that thread for the duration of the Education Discovery Forum. By attending, educators will obtain new curricula, strategies, and classroom resources as well as approaches to teach 21st century cyber concepts in grade-appropriate, relevant ways.

Content Threads

Cyber Literacy is a hands-on, modular-based high school curriculum that builds strong cyber foundations through robotics, programming, electricity, and elements of liberal arts. Content explores the opportunities, threats, responsibilities, and legal constraints associated with cyberspace. This workshop will utilize the Arduino platform.

Cyber Literacy 2 is a hands-on, modular-based high school curriculum that deepens understanding of cyberspace through systems engineering and liberal arts. Projects in Cyber Literacy 2 build upon the basics of Cyber Literacy. This workshop will utilize the Arduino platform.

Computer Science uses the Raspberry Pi platform to explore computer science through a puzzle-based learning approach. Content covers components of computer science such as algorithms, computer programming, data structures, computer architecture, etc. while developing problem solving and critical thinking skills.

STEM: Explore, Discover, Apply (STEM EDA) is a project-driven, modular based middle school curriculum that integrates cyber into STEM, liberal arts and computer science disciplines. STEM EDA strengthens problem-solving and critical thinking skills by using the Engineering Design Process.

Registration & Pricing

$100 per registrant
Register for the Education Discovery Forum when you register for the CSTA conference.
Registration to open in January 2018.

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