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2016 Standards Revision Process
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Welcome to the CSTA K-12 CS Standards Wiki Page! Please note that only members who are signed in and have been granted access to this page may provide additions/edits. This page will be updated as we go along, so please feel free to bookmark it for easy access. Thank you for your interest in the CSTA K-12 CS Standards.


CSTA has created and published national K-12 CS standards of computer science learning objectives to guide/inform teachers and administrators in the design and implementation of CS activities integrated into existing curriculum and as stand-alone courses.



  • The CSTA K-12 CS Standards were originally published in 2011 and were based on the 2003 Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Model Curriculum.

2016 Standards Revision

The standards were scheduled for a routine revision in 2015-2016. The task force was formed during August-September 2015. The task force consists of Educators with diversity of experience.

  • Three K - 5 classroom CS educators (one of whom is a grade level lead)
  • Three 6 - 8 classroom CS educators (one of whom is a grade level lead)
  • Three 9 - 12 classroom CS educators (one of whom is a grade level lead)
  • One community college CS educator (who is working with the 9-12 grade level team)
  • One university CS educator (who is working with the 9-12 grade level team)
  • One district-level CS educator (co-chair with K -12 expertise)
  • One state-level CS educator (co-chair with 6 - 12 expertise)
  • Two CSTA Staff (Deputy Executive Director/Chief Operating Officer and Project Manager)

The Revision Process

  • Conduct a gap analysis between the CSTA K-12 CS Standards and the Framework’s concepts/practices
  • Evaluate and update 2011 CSTA K-12 CS Standards
    • Is the standard inappropriate now?
    • Is the standard appropriate at a different level?
    • Is the standard at the appropriate level of Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy?
    • Is the standard measureable?
    • remove, rewrite, reposition as necessary
  • Consider new standards in areas not included in 2011
  • Respond to/incorporate feedback on 2011 CSTA K-12 CS Standards
  • Check for alignment with K-12 CS Framework statements

Standards Revision Inputs

  • 2011 CSTA K-12 CS Standards
  • Feedback on 2011 CSTA K-12 CS Standards
  • K-12 CS Framework (draft concepts and practices)
  • Achieve’s input on writing quality standards
  • Other national standards: e.g., UK - CAS
  • State standards: AR, FL, MA, MD, WA, etc.
  • 2013 Association for Computing Machinery CS Curricula (Higher Ed)
  • Other standards: Common Core Math and Science, ISTE, etc.

Public Review Periods

  • CSTA held an informal public review period in September 2015. The Standards Revision Task Force used the feedback from this initial view as a starting point during their first writers' meeting in December 2015.
  • CSTA held a more formal public review period between February 16 and March 3, 2016. The feedback was collected and presented to the task force members during a second writers' meeting in March 2016.
  • Task force members will meet in the first week of March to evaluate all feedback.
  • A third review period was held April 6-20, 2016. This review was extended through May 4, 2016.
  • CSTA released the 2016 CSTA K-12 CS Standards at the 2016 CSTA Annual Conference in San Diego, CA, July 10-12

Next Steps

  • The Standards Revision task force is currently evaluating next steps. 

General Inquiry Feedback Form

CSTA welcomes your questions, as well as any feedback about how to improve the K-12 CS Standards or the revision process. Thank you for your valuable time!

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