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Advocate of the Year
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Advocate of the Year Award

In January 2008, CSTA launched the CSTA Leadership Cohort which has since become the Computer Science Advocacy Leadership Team (CSALT). The goal of the cohort is to identify and support teacher leaders in each state of the U.S. who are working to improve K–12 computer science education. Since the cohort was launched, CSALT members have been working in their respective states to establish K–12 computer science as an essential academic discipline and participating in an online community to share experiences, strategies, and successes.

Through their participation in CSTA Leadership and Advocacy workshops, and with the support of documents such as the CSTA Advocacy Toolkit, CSALT members have also been strengthening the leadership qualities needed for effective advocacy, identifying and building partnerships with appropriate stakeholders, and working toward organizing local, state, and regional chapters of CSTA.

In order for all of these efforts to be effective, members CSALT will be seeking volunteers to assist them. We will need the combined forces of all CSTA members in order for these endeavors to be successful. To volunteer, contact your CSTA chapter. If you are passionate about computer science in K–12 education, and are interested in volunteering to advocate on its behalf, please consider joining the Government Relations Committee.



Active members of CSTA are eligible to be recognized as the Advocate of the Year. Consideration will be given to individuals who have been either self-nominated or nominated by another individual.


The Award 

The Computer Science Teachers' Association will award the winner an all- expense paid trip to the CSTA Annual Conference. The winner will be recognized during an awards ceremony at the conference and will be featured in an article in the CSTA Voice. 


Past Winners


2016 - Daryl Detrick, Warren Hills Regional School District in New Jersey

Daryl's commitment to advocating for the expansion of CS education has been impressive over the last year.  Not only were his efforts instrumental at the state level through legislative work to raise awareness and funds to support CS education; but by working directly with children and schools at all levels, he illustrated a passion and dedication to advancing computer science education and leadership that CSTA is proud to recognize. It is this kind of advocacy and action that creates change and advances the work of CSTA and all CS educators.  We congratulate Daryl for winning this award and sincerely thank him for all his hard work! 


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