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About Cyber Teachers
A national program to bring cybersecurity education into the classroom

Organizations can play a direct and critical role

A recent Forbes report showed that there will be 1 Million open and unfilled cyber security jobs available by the end of 2016. With all this opportunity for the youth of America, the majority of the nation’s high schools and colleges do not introduce or teach cybersecurity skills.

Why? Cybersecurity does not yet have a place in schools’ curricula and is not integrated into key subject areas like computer science, math, technology and economics. In addition  knowledge of Cybersecurity careers is very low among career counselors.

Now organizations have a simple and powerful way to sponsor teachers in their local communities to bring cybersecurity into the classroom. The Cyber4Teachers sponsorship funds teachers to complete the Cyber Teacher CSTA Certificate Program -- an online professional development program to enable teachers to connect their classroom to the most in demand STEM career in the world.  

Immediately bring Cybersecurity into the classroom
The Online Cyber Teacher Program includes the following:
1.    Interactive Cyber Teacher LifeJourney providing new teachers best practices from the nation’s leading instructors
2.    Fundamentals of Cyber An adaptive learning course to teach teachers the basics of Cyber
3.    Cyber curriculum and worksheets used by the nation’s leading STEM teachers
4.    Day of Cyber classroom experience to run in class with students
5.    8 clock hours of CEUs (continuing education units)
6.    Day of Cyber Certificate and Community

Corporate Benefits of Teacher Sponsorship
Sponsoring cyber teachers is an easy and direct way for you to make an impact

Highly Visible Cyber Leadership
Introduction in Schools

As a sponsor, students and teachers in your designated community will gain awareness of your company’s cyber leadership as they journey through the Day of Cyber experience. Your logos on the course curricula will proudly remind the students of your interest and support of cyber education -- a reminder that will stay with them as they make career decisions.

Support America’s Teachers
Teachers receive a course curriculum

Enables your company to play a direct and critical role in creating the Cyber Generation by enabling access to the technology and tools teachers need to bring into their classrooms. Your logo on the Cyber Teacher’s Certificate will be a prominent and enduring reminder of your corporate support.

Support America’s Students
Potential interns, grads and employees

Provides a pathway for you to contribute to solving the nation’s cyber skills crisis by inspiring students to pursue tomorrow’s emerging, challenging, in-demand and high-paying careers in cyber.

See Your Impact
Cyber Teacher Association

The Cyber4Teachers dashboard gives you the data and analytics that measure the achievements of your sponsorship. You can access teacher and student success factors in the geography you choose to sponsor, as well as program-wide.


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