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Charter of Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities
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CSTA's Charter of Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities

As part of its commitment to providing volunteer opportunities that benefit our educational community and offer leadership opportunities for our members, CSTA has created a Charter of Volunteer Rights and Responsibilities to govern all of our member activities. These rights and responsibilities are detailed here.

Rights of CSTA Volunteers

  • The right to know about the organization's policies, program and staff.
  • The right to feel included as a valuable member within the community of the organization.
  • The right to work in a climate that values volunteerism and volunteer service.
  • The right to be treated with respect, fairness, and equity.
  • The right to participate in a program that enhances and extends the organization's goals.
  • The right to receive challenging and meaningful assignments that match personal goals, abilities, and experience, and to promote personal and professional growth.
  • The right to sound guidance and direction by someone who is experienced, well-informed, patient, and thoughtful.
  • The right to receive orientation, training, guidance, feedback, and the resources necessary to carry out assignments.
  • The right to honest and open communication.
  • The right to formal and informal expressions of appreciation and recognition.

Responsibilities of CSTA Volunteers

  • The responsibility to honor commitments.
  • The responsibility to learn and follow organizational policies and procedures.
  • The responsibility to maintain professional standards and to perform assigned tasks to the best of one's abilities.
  • The responsibility to embrace the values of the organization.
  • The responsibility to privately and publicly express support for the organization.
  • The responsibility to pursue excellence.
  • The responsibility to respect others and the diversity of opinions.
  • The responsibility to be open to change.
  • The responsibility to work with compassion, caring, and commitment.
  • The responsibility to safeguard confidential information and protect privacy.

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