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Natasha Singer ImageNatasha Singer
Tuesday, July 9
8–10 a.m.  
Natasha Singer is a teacher and reporter at The New York Times where she covers the intersection of technology, business, and society with a particular focus on data privacy, fairness and tech industry accountability. She will share insights from her work developing and teaching a tech innovation ethics course at The School Of The New York Times. The course helps students learn to anticipate, articulate, regulate and mitigate the societal consequences of novel digital technologies.
Joanna Goode HeadshotDr. Joanna Goode
Wednesday, July 10
8–10 a.m.  
Dr. Joanna Goode is an Associate Professor of Education Studies at the University of Oregon and focuses on equity in computer science education. Dr. Goode’s keynote will explore equity and inclusion beyond access to computer science education. She’ll discuss how educators can shift the discussion beyond just making computer science available to students and toward preparing teachers to act for equity with intention.