Guidance for State, School, and Instructional Leaders

The Standards for CS Teachers focus on teacher professional growth, content knowledge and skills, equity and inclusion, instructional design, and classroom practice.
The resources below provide guidance for state, school, and other instructional leaders when supporting K-12 computer science programs:teachers and leaders discussing CS
  • School leaders can learn how to support teachers' professional development, create plans for equitable recruitment, mitigate systemic barriers to equitable participation in CS, and what to look for when evaluating their computer science teachers.
  • State leaders can learn how to use these Standards when enacting statewide policies around computer science education, including legislative initiatives and funding opportunities. This information may help mitigate unintended consequences when developing and implementing state policies.
  • All instructional leaders can use an observation tool for collecting evidence and supporting teacher reflection surrounding effective instructional practices for computer science education.




We are currently developing resources to support instructional coaching in K-12 computer science, and we plan to publish these in fall 2020.


Janice Mak, Cindi Chang, and Bryan Twarek