Guidance for Reflective Teachers

Teachers Reflecting During PDEffective CS teachers continuously develop their knowledge, practice, and professional identity to keep pace with the rapidly evolving discipline. They are reflective practitioners who self-examine their pedagogy, teaching strategies, strengths, and areas that need improvement or revision. This self-reflection helps teachers develop changes in attitudes and awareness which lead to their professional growth and ability to support their students.

Self-Reflection Tools

To support your self-reflection and development process:

  1. First, complete a Self-Reflection Checklist to analyze individual strengths and areas for improvement aligned to the CSTA Standards for CS Teachers.
  2. Then, use the Roadmap for Professional Learning to identify areas of focus for professional learning and begin planning activities to support development of these target knowledge and skills.
See these two tools below:




Next Steps

Once you have performed a self-assessment using the checklist and have identified targeted areas for professional learning using the roadmap, plan for specific professional development opportunities that will enhance or improve your professional knowledge and skills.

One resource to assist in planning those professional development opportunities is the CSTA Quality PD Opportunities webpage.


Vicky Sedgwick, Deborah Seehorn, Dan Blier, Joanne Barrett, and Annette Walter