Standards Alignment Review

As more and more districts and teachers are adopting CS curriculum based on the CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards and related state standards, there is increasing interest to ensure curriculum is correctly aligned to these standards.

CSTA now validates the standards alignment of K-12 curricular materials submitted by a curriculum provider in a redesigned process. A trained group of K-12 CS educators reviews the curriculum and alignment using detailed rubrics for each standard. They reach consensus on whether the curriculum is fully aligned, partially aligned, or not aligned to each standard, and this alignment is summarized at the core concept and curriculum levels.


Partners Seeking CSTA Endorsement 

Third-party organizations that offer a curriculum or resource and seek endorsement from CSTA are invited to submit their curricula for a crosswalk review for $3,000 USD. Additional submissions are subject to the $3,000 fee. Active CSTA institutional partners may unlock special pricing on the crosswalk review. To learn more about becoming a CSTA institutional partner and accessing this crosswalk benefit, click here
All partners must follow the same process if they are seeking CSTA’s endorsement of their curricula or resources. For partnership questions, please contact For specific questions about the submission form, please contact All inquiries will be answered in 3-5 business days.  





Crosswalk Templates

Use the following templates to request a validated review of your curriculum or resources. Clicking the link will prompt you to copy the spreadsheet. Each review will validate one level of CSTA K-12 CS Standards. If your curriculum or resources are aligned to multiple levels of standards, please complete multiple crosswalk forms.


Submission Form


Please email with questions. If you have questions about partnership, please email Daniel Rosenstein, Philanthropy Lead.