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Teaching Intro to Computer Science -- CodeHS

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This 40 hour online course prepares you to teach an introduction to computer science class with CodeHS.
Sign up through CSTA or contact if you have more questions or would like us to talk to your school or district purchaser.
The CodeHS professional development course is usually purchased by your school or district when you are preparing to teach a computer science class.
Learn more about the course at this link:
This course covers both the basics of programming as taught through the CodeHS Intro to Computer Science course as well as pedagogy of teaching computer science in a blended classroom, including a focus on teaching and learning debugging.
Here is an outline of the modules:
Welcome:In this first module we give you an overview of the professional development course. We introduce a few key principles and ideas for teaching computer science, and give you a chance to set goals and expectations for how to make the most out of this course.
Programming with Karel: Module two is programming with Karel. Karel is a dog that only knows how to move, turn left, and place tennis balls in his world. You can give Karel these commands to instruct him to do certain things. We use Karel to show you what it means to program, and allow you to focus on problem solving.
Teaching Programming with Karel: In this module we'll go over teaching the basics of programming. We will go through concept by concept and explain ways to teach in the classroom, how to grade these problems, and how to debug these problems.
Effective Debugging Strategies: Learn effective debugging strategies in this module. Debugging is one of the most important skills to develop both for your own programming and for grading others' code. We'll identify common coding errors and learn how to address them.
Teaching a Blended Coding Class: The final module dives into the blended classroom environment. We'll discuss best practices and helpful approaches for incorporating online learning in traditional classroom settings.

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